4 Best Rugby Tackles In The World

Updated on: May 2022

Best Rugby Tackles In The World in 2022

Net World Sports Low Height PVC Rugby Tackle Bag in A Variety of Sizes (Youth)

Net World Sports Low Height PVC Rugby Tackle Bag in A Variety of Sizes (Youth)
BESTSELLER NO. 1 in 2022

Net World Sports Full-Height PVC Rugby Tackle Bag in A Variety of Sizes (Senior)

Net World Sports Full-Height PVC Rugby Tackle Bag in A Variety of Sizes (Senior)
BESTSELLER NO. 2 in 2022
  • MULTI-LAYERED FOAM CORE – Our tackle bags boast a multi-layered foam core which has been designed to absorb the hardest of tackles, the tackle bag takes the impact, so you don’t have to!
  • WATER-RESISTANT EXTERIOR – Each rugby tackle bag is covered in water-resistant, rip-proof PVC, making it suitable to train with in all weather conditions.
  • HEAVY-DUTY HANDLES – Slide your rugby ball underneath the heavy-duty top handle for your players to re-create realistic tackles with a rugby ball.
  • VARIED SIZES – Net World Sports caters to all ages and skill levels, which is why our tackle bags are available in mini, junior, youth, senior & jumbo sizes.
  • FAST DELIVERY – Here at Net World Sports we ensure all deliveries are fast and efficient to ensure you receive your order as soon as possible!

Net World Sports Rugby Tackle Shield with Top Wedge in A Variety of Sizes (Youth)

Net World Sports Rugby Tackle Shield with Top Wedge in A Variety of Sizes (Youth)
BESTSELLER NO. 3 in 2022
  • 600GSM PVC EXTERIOR – Manufactured from tough PVC covering, these tackle shields are completely rip-proof and weatherproof to allow for all-weather training.
  • MULTI-LAYERED FOAM CORE – Our rugby tackle shields boast a dense foam core which has been designed to absorb the impact of tackles, meaning your players don’t cause themselves injury.
  • STRONG TWIN HANDLES – Each tackling shield features two handles allowing you to hold the shield firmly in position.
  • VARIED SIZES – These top wedge tackle shields are perfect for everyone as they are available in junior, youth & senior sizes.
  • FAST DELIVERY – Net World Sports ensures each product you order will be received by you in the fastest possible time!

Net World Sports Rugby Professional PVC Tackle Tube in Many Sizes (Senior)

Net World Sports Rugby Professional PVC Tackle Tube in Many Sizes (Senior)
BESTSELLER NO. 4 in 2022
  • DESIGNED FOR TACKLING - The circular design of the tackle tube provides a rolling target for you to tackle as you would in a competitive rugby game.
  • 600GSM PVC EXTERIOR - Manufactured from tough PVC covering, these tackle tubes are completely rip-proof and weatherproof to allow for year-round training.
  • FOAM CORE INTERIOR - Each tackle tube boasts a dense foam core which has been designed to absorb the impact of even the hardest of tackles.
  • HEAVY DUTY HANDLE - The sturdy handle on the inside of the tube fits a rugby ball underneath, so you can keep your eye on the ball whilst tackling.
  • MANY SIZES AVAILABLE - Our tackle tubes are available in a variety of sizes so you can select the right size for you. Available in junior, youth and senior.

Complex Medical Issues Explored in Star Trek: Rapid Aging, Spinal Cord Damage & Sudden Blindness

Star Trek examines the most fascinating & unusual medical conditions in the galalxy. Here's a rundown of the most classic examples of how Star Trek tackles the medical field & deals with healthcare.

Throughout its more than forty years of intelligent exploration of everything from how alien life might impact us, to possible dangers of technology unrestrained on primitive cultures, Star Trek has examined complicated medical problems and how the causes and cures could affect us or perhaps influence an entire planet's society or even a whole star system. Like any good drama, Star Trek plays best when focusing on favorite characters. We relate to them, like them and we care about their problems. Characters like Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy), Worf (Michael Dorn) or Dr. Bashir (Alexander Siddig) are so recognizable to fans of the TV show and films, they have become as beloved as friends and family. We actually care about these fictional people, and so when they are sick or injured, our concern is keenly felt. By this television encouraged empathy, our hearts are nonetheless touched. Our minds open up to our own health risks or problems.

As director J.J. Abrams finishes up his big screen treatment of Star Trek for Paramount Pictures starring Chris Pine, Erica Bana and Zachary Quinto, to be released in May 2020, one wonders about the medical dilemmas his starship movie crew may face. Here are some of the most exciting, interesting and unusual examples of the way Star Trek examines medicine, health care technology and the future possibilities to expand our human physical condition.

Operation -- Annihilate! - Spock Goes Blind

In this original Star Trek episode, Captain Kirk's brother's world is overrun by flying parasitic creatures which attack humans and merge into their bodies. After becoming infected, Spock agrees to experiment on ways to kill the thing without killing the host, so Dr. McCoy exposes Spock to frequencies of energy and light. The result has the creature destroyed - however Spock is blind. The dramatic tension of Spock's new disabled state is prolonged nicely, however at episode's end, Spock's vision returns. It seems Vulcans have an extra inner eyelid which protected Spock from the majority of dangerous light waves, so the blindness was only temporary.

In our increasingly health conscious world as it relates to a general outlook or because of global warming and ozone depletion, our eyes should be protected from harmful UV rays. Using high UV blocking sunglasses is our best bet at preventing eye damage from the sun and eye drops like Visine or Murine can help dry eyes or those who suffer from eye strain.

Ethics - Worf Is Paralyzed

The plot of this Next Generation episode has Worf being paralyzed by an accident in the ship's cargo bay. He now must choose between a life of therapy and medical gambles or the Klingon way out of suicide.

Worf's crisis over choosing to try new medical techniques at replacing his lost mobility or merely giving up the fight and struggle of life by choosing a ritual suicide, is something many families must now face as the war in Iraq rages on. Many thousands of men and women soldiers now return from war with one or more limbs sacrificed on the front lines of combat. New prosthetic limbs are certainly helping, but the transition from a healthy fully mobile person to one who must rely on technology to now live as normally as possible is a difficult journey. The late Christopher Reeve was also an example of someone supremely health and fit who had to adjust to a radically way of living.

Unnatural Selection - Dr. Pulaski Ages Rapidly

Dr. Pulaski is stricken by an artificially altered virus/life form which attacks her immune system - causing rapid aging - and probably certain death. In this Next Generation episode, Dr. Katherine Pulaski risks her life to save a research colony from a mysterious outbreak of rapid aging and degeneration. After she is infected, the Enterprise crew and specifically Data do all they can to reverse the process and find a cure.

A real life example of this is called Progeria - a devastating genetic disease which causes people to age much more rapidly and have a shortened lifespan. Also, recent studies on sleep have now proven that the less sleep we get, the more damage we do to our bodies. In fact, severe sleep loss can act like a rapid aging factor as well, so our health and youth can be compromised by not getting enough sleep on a regular basis. Of course the fabled, but elusive fountain of youth is always being chased after, especially by Hollywood's beautiful people. Injecting Botox into one's skin and undergoing lots of plastic surgery may give one the appearance of effectively fighting aging, but the superficiality of the outcome is plainly evident to even a child. Again, science and the medical field tells us that by eating right, exercising and getting enough sleep, true youthful vigor can be maintained far better than any expensive surgeon's scalpel.

Mortal Coil - Neelix Dies amp; Is Resurrected

This Star Trek: Voyager episode sees happy go lucky alien Neelix die tragically on an away mission, only to be brought back to life by Borg 7of9's advanced cybernetic technology. After the Borg Implants resuscitate Neelix, his world is turned upside down. Even though he's grateful to be alive, he's confused. Most of all, his people's religion is sorely tested, since the legendary place they are said to travel to upon death was missing from his experience. He's convinced there is nothing more to life but our physical living and slowly becomes a bitter, even angry person. He lashes out at the crew, most of all at 7of9 for using her Borg probes to bring him back to life.

In many ways, this may be one of the most philosophical of all Star Trek episodes. It doesn't grant easy answers, but always stays true to the quest of what might lie beyond, but that the here and now really matter most of all. As our medical technology increasingly dazzles us with the real prospect of living much longer or even bringing people back from the dead, humanity will grapple with what Neelix faced. Even now devices like pacemakers, insulin pumps and artificial hearts are at the forefront of extending our lives. The future promises even more miracles like cloned organs or stem cell regeneration of perhaps almost any body part.

Critical Care -- Doc Works In Alien HMO

When Voyager's holographic doctor is stolen and put to work on a vast HMO like hospital ship, he comes to see that the wealthy and powerful dictate health care administration for the population, not the specific medical needs of patients.

This is another great health care oriented episode from Star Trek:Voyager. Though dramatized slightly over the top, the core issues of the wealthy affording the best health care, while the poor are relegated to whatever free clinics or allocated resources they can scrounge up, is something more than a few people have faced in their own lives. The episode comes complete with inflexible hospital administrators clashing with idealistic young doctors who wage a war of paperwork bursting with bureaucratic nonsense, while still trying to effectively combat the diseases and afflictions which threaten their populace.

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